Internship Program

Through our partnership with PCAU, CHC/HF offers internships to students from the US to engage in projects in Uganda. These internships give motivated, compassionate undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to make an impact in a low-resource setting. We engage students from a variety of disciplines and over the past 12 years have worked with students from  public health, theology, business and a broad range of sciences. Student projects are established according to the needs and focus of PCAU and the interest and objectives of the student. Internships typically fall into two categories: experiential or research. Students may work directly with PCAU or with a PCAU member organization who is able to accommodate the intern and project.

These internships not only provide valuable support to the work of PCAU, but they also benefit the student’s conceptual and experiential learning. Students will have the opportunity to understand and experience the concept of palliative care in Uganda, program implementation and delivery of care. Whenever possible, students may travel to Uganda for their internship. Office internships are also available to help support the work of PCAU from Indiana.