Celebrating 25 Years of Impact

A Brief Highlight of CHC/PCAU Partnership Initiatives

This year marks a significant milestone for the Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU) as it celebrates 25 years of impactful work in advancing palliative care for all in Uganda. Center for Hospice Care’s (CHC) partnership with PCAU is part of this success in transforming the landscape of healthcare in Uganda and enhancing hope for thousands of palliative care patients and their families.

Among the initiatives of the CHC and PCAU partnership was the creation of two compelling documentaries – Okuyambaand the Road to Hope film. These documentaries have not only served as educational tools but have also played an important role in raising awareness about the importance of hospice and palliative care in Uganda.

Okuyamba sheds light on the critical role of nurses in delivering palliative care services in Uganda. In response to the need for more trained palliative care nurses, the partnership initiated the scholarships for nurses in 2010. This initiative has supported the education and training of over 110 nurses in palliative care, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide holistic care to patients in need.

Additionally, the Road to Hope (RTH) program, inspired partially by the observations made in the documentaries, addresses the plight of children caring for their terminally ill parents. Established in 2012, the RTH program helps orphaned or deprived child caregivers receive the education they need to become productive young adults. Today, the RTH program provides support to over 80 child caregivers from 27 districts across Uganda, empowering them with an education for a brighter future. In addition to educational support, which includes vocational training, the program addresses their medical needs, supports their emotional well-being and acts as a conduit for PCAU’s advocacy and community-level engagement efforts.

The CHC/PCAU partnership continues to evolve, aligning its efforts with PCAU’s strategic plan and priorities. From providing guidance on strategic planning, to supporting initiatives such as the mHealth Project, to facilitating student internships, the partnership engages local communities and other partners such as the University of Notre Dame.

mHealth project planning meeting

Notre Dame intern Kat Kostolansky in Uganda

As we reflect on PCAU’s past 25 years, CHC is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to support their incredible work. Countless lives have been touched and transformed through the work of PCAU, and we are honored to be a small part of it! Together, we look forward to continuing our journey towards a future where quality hospice and palliative care are accessible to all in Uganda.